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At Community Hospital of San Bernardino, we believe strongly in helping the community become more educated when it comes to their health and well-being. Our Health Education Center, located at 1725 Western Avenue, offers a variety of health classes, events and resources for families.

We invite you to register for any of the classes below online or by calling (909) 806-1816.

Childbirth Education
Maternity Tea and Tour
Are you nervous about this special day? Come and see what we have to offer at Community Hospital of San Bernardino. This tea will include a tour of the Labor and Delivery, Couplet Care and Transitional Nursery. There will be time to ask questions about policies and options open to you.


Childbirth Class
This class is recommended if this is your first birth or if it has been more than five years since your last class. The Prepared Childbirth Method is a psychological and physical preparation for childbirth. Classes include anatomy and physiology of labor, breathing techniques, relaxation and pushing techniques, and discussions on fetal monitoring and medications.

Parenting Education
Breast-feeding & Newborns
This class will cover health and economic benefits as well as the basics in proper positioning, holding and latch-on techniques necessary for successful breastfeeding. Community resources are included. This class is recommended for any pregnant woman considering breastfeeding her infant. It also includes an introduction to a summary of events expected to occur during the first three months of life along with the basics in new mother and infant care. You'll also discover the importance and benefit of touch.

Breast-feeding Support Group
Although breast-feeding is a natural process, many women struggle in the first few months to feel comfortable and confident with their decision. Community Hospital's breast-feeding support group, "Mothers Helping Mothers," offers moms the opportunity to share their experiences, struggles and triumphs with other breast-feeding mothers in a warm and welcoming environment.

The breast-feeding support group meets every Thursday from 1 pm to 3 pm. It's free to all breast-feeding mothers.


Care of the Newborn
Infant/Child CPR
Discover the causes of infant death, prevention of accidents, key safety issues, and techniques for CPR and obstructed airway management for your infant or small child.

Kids don’t come with directions! This class will focus on positive discipline, growth and development, and child safety.


Health and Wellness Education
Designed to educate parents with children affected by asthma, this class is also available specifically for school-age children. Class objective is to educate people about managing asthma and help prevent asthma attacks.

This four-hour, two-part class is for individuals inter¬ested in diabetes education. By the end of the class, participants will understand diabetes and its effects, identify necessary diet/lifestyle changes, test their own blood sugar and receive tools to control their diabetes.

Low-Cost Healthy Eating
This one-hour class offers easy and low-cost reci¬pes, ideas about cutting the cost of groceries, menu planning, food samples and the latest information on nutritional needs for families.

Weight Management
Six one-hour classes provide principles of weight loss and tools to make them work. This class is targeted to people who need to lose weight or would like to imple¬ment healthier eating and exercise habits.

Keys to Success
Getting support and the tools needed to succeed are available to you. The Keys to Success program is designed to help participants build confidence by improving self-image, learning tips to find jobs and developing personal growth on all levels.

Personal Financial Management
Creating a budget and sticking to it can be challeng¬ing. Our program focuses on the principles of personal financial management and developing a budget to keep your financial house in order.

For schedules and more information on any or all of the above, please call (909) 806-1816.

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